Love social networking? Want to learn more? Do not you just wish you could go to all the great seminars around the world? Listen to all the great minds in social media. Well, if that’s not possible then you are about to meet the next best thing. Here is a whole list of Social Media eBooks. I have collected over the past three years. I am delighted to finally be able to share them with you. I will be adding to this list as more become available to me so please come back often and feel free to share these with your colleagues and friends.

Social Media eBooks

Adjust Your Music Career With…Social Networking

Managing The Social Media Mix

4 Steps To Developing A Successful Social Media Program

The 7 Steps of Planning a Social Media Initiative

15 Social Media Power Tips

Social Media Maximum Impact Tactics

The Rise of the Citizen Influencer

The Essential Guide To Social Media

Social Media Planning Guide

Smart Ways To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Enterprise


10 Ways To Get Customers Using Twitter

Twitter Traffic Boom

10 Tips To Rock The Twittersphere

Twitter Virtue

Twitter Book Geekpreneur

Leveraging YOUR Power Through Twitter

Twitter Guide

Coming Soon

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