Major Indie & Friends Host A Charity Benefit Festival At Augusta Commons

Major Indie - Black Background

Local entertainment companies collaborate to throw a charity benefit festival at “Augusta Commons”.

Four major entertainment companies host the upcoming First Annual Major Indie International Benefit Festival.

Augusta, Georgia April 21, 2017 – Major Indie, Rudog Production, All-In Empire, and W Brothers Musik Group, have decided to put together a large-scale charity event which will benefit the “Kidney for Prima Foundation” and “RICAD Rwanda”.

The Major Indie International Benefit Festival, from 4:30 pm to 11 pm April 21, 2017 in Augusta Ga, is designed to raise money for the “Kidney for Prima Foundation” as well as RICAD Rwanda and create awareness for both causes. Major Indie will hold one of their “Major Indie International Artist Showcase Tour” competitions early in the evening with additional entertainment following, which will include local comedians and an array of music performances.

Attendees will be introduced to the sound of upcoming independent R&B singer, Young Row, from Austin, TX. Sammie and Nebu will hit the stage after Young Row and then headliner, major recording artist Young Dolph, will close out the show at the end of the night.

Vendor space, tent rental, and backstage VIP passes are all available.

For Major Indie International Artist Showcase Tour Registration please visit

For regular admission tickets to the First Annual Major Indie International Benefit Festival, please visit


Angela Smith, Major Indie Executive PR

(832) 898-6742


Chris Stanfield, Major Indie Executive Director

(706) 495-7615


Rufus Van, Major Indie President

(706) 951-6337


About Major Indie, Inc.

Major Indie is a Veteran-owned, non-profit organization that paves the way for many talented aspiring independent entertainers, athletes, and small businesses. We provide an unmatched experience for our selected clients, affiliates, and partners, by providing sponsorship funding, mentorship, and a very resourceful and responsive network available 24/7.


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