ALBUM REVIEW: O.W.E. by FUTA (@futadabeast)

The Urban Link

About the artist: Set to release his debut album, “O.W.E” (Out Work Everybody), Futa has been grinding for years in the music world trying to create the right sounds and songs to represent his state. Coming out of Little Rock, Arkansas, he is one the biggest prospects the small city has gaining attention from all over the world.

Review: Futa came to my attention about a year ago on this radio show that I was co-hosting and his track Y.A.T.C.L. was being played and I ended up taking a real interest in his music because he was different and offered something new and original.  On his new project O.W.E. he gives a very polished performance that has replay potential.  The intro is crazy, “Talking out the side of your neck when your speaking on Futa, have you hanging off a tree like an old pair of Pumas” then he launches into the next track…

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