ApolloNightLA climbs as top webcast platform breaking indie artists | @ApolloNightLA

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ApolloNightLA crew ApolloNightLA crew

Searching platforms across the globe looking for the REAL tastemakers, I discovered a weekly web-cast show ApolloNightLA whose crew is funny and entertaining with a true desire to make a difference for indie/unsigned artists. In-studio celebrity guests have included Howard HewettKym Whitley, Luenell, Bishop Don “Magic” Juan and more. The weekly show streams live every Monday at 7pm PST/9pm CST/ 10pm EST.

Like any other showcase or television show, artists submit their material, either song, video or instrumental production to the show and via a selection process, make the actual airing. Once the slate is set for the show, the project is played and the cast as well as callers vote on whether to “Applaud” or “Shoot” the song.

What’s different about this particular show? The cast members of the show hear the songs for the first time DURING the taping, just like…

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