Interview: Georgia native son Decatur Redd ‘Space Age Trappin’ | @DecaturRedd

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Decatur Redd

Atlanta has a heavy class of new young lions hitting center stage and native son Decatur Redd is one of that exceptional class! We don’t do a lot of interviews but thought we’d introduce you to someone new…enjoy!

Who are you and what is a typical day like in the life of Decatur Redd?

East Atl Zone 6 representative born and raised on the east side of Atlanta. When I get up first thing I do is pray then str8 to the music. Might listen to a few beats from producers they’ve sent to me via email and go to some of my current sessions and listen to the mix to see what’s to be fixed. Then spend about an hour every day with my kids.

Does your past have any influence on your life and he decisions you make today?

Of course as do many people, we learn from our…

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