@TheHypeMagazine adds DJ Michael “5000” Watts (@DJMichaelWatts) as a Celebrity Contributor

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DJ Michael "5000" Watts joins The Hype Magazine teamDJ Michael “5000” Watts joins The Hype Magazine Editorial Staff           Photo Credit: Jerry Doby for The Hype Magazine

The Hype Magazine announced the addition of DJ Michael “5000” Watts, Founder/CEO of The Swisha House to its editorial staff. Watts will contribute to both the online portal and magazine issues, focusing on Southern Music culture and Southern culture in general.

Swisha House Swisha House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I’m really looking forward to working with The Hype Magazine! You know most people are used to seeing and hearing me from behind a turntable. Finally they’ll get to see the other side of me. I just really want the world to know how much I love the south, its people, its music and its culture.” – Michael Watts

“DJ Michael “5000” Watts is an iconic part of the entertainment industry both domestically and abroad” says The Hype Magazine Editor-in-Chief,

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