Video: Brian Doby ‘The Nipple Song’ | @ImBrianDoby

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Brian Doby stand up comedian Comedian Brian Doby

Brian Doby is a 23 year old native of Junction City, Kansas and raised in Topeka Kansas. He started doing standup in September of 2012, when he went to his first open mic at Stanfords Comedy Club in Kansas City. “I watched about 25 experienced comics go up before me. I was called up second to last, I did 3 minutes of material and had the crowd laughing through my whole set, more than they laughed for any of the other comics” says Brian. He continues, “That’s when I decided comedy was for me.”

Brian only attended one more open mic in 2012, two months after the first and in 2013 submitted video of one of his open mic sets to the American Black Film Festival‘s 1st ever “Comedy Wings” competition and was named as one of nine semifinalists out of hundreds of entrants across the…

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