@TheHypeMagazine joins with, Maniac Muzik, Soundrock Management and the Monopoly Gang to announce the ‘CRH Tour Edition’

The Urban Link

CRH tourHip-Hop Culture has grown from a small number of people concentrated in the Midwest, East Coast and the South, into a worldwide phenomenon. People from all walks of life can appreciate the impact of Hip-Hop music in their lives. The CRH Tour Edition is an integral part of an initiative, intended to promote the independent movement at its best. There will be eight tour stops per quarter in 2015.

The goal is to “Cut Da Red Tape” and give A&Rs, Independent Labels and DJs the opportunity to seek out new talent. “There are so many barriers that keep artists from getting the proper acknowledgement in the entertainment industry, and we want to bridge the gap.” said the CEO of Maniac Muzik. Our aim is to showcase ten new artists per city through the year.

“This tour will definitely go down in history!” says The Hype Magazine CEO/Publisher

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