Music Review: Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band ( @JimmyJPBand )

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Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band has sent me possibly the best songs of the summer to review so I won’t waste anytime time getting to it!

The first song that I want to review is “There is More”.  The feel of the song is mellow but very energetic.  I love Jimmy’s rough around the edges voice which fits perfectly with the sharp groove of the lead guitar.  This comes off as a lead track possibly on a soundtrack of a summer film.  This is one of those tracks that would make you buy the whole album.

The second song up for review is “On The Run”.  Been listening to this one over and over trying to get my voice like Jimmy’s but yeah, no luck. The piano work here is bluesy and heaven sent.  The guitar riffs makes me want to see the band live JUST to get that hard themed…

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