#GuestPost by best selling author Willie L. Stewart, RN: HE TOOK AWAY HER SIGHT SO I COULD SEE | @DaletaRNished

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Willie L. Stewart, RN best selling author Best selling author, Willie L. Stewart, RN


Every married couple goes through their ups and downs and marrying at a young age people thought we would not last.  However, our union was blessed by God.  He saw fit to put two polar opposites together and make it work.  Me, the city boy from rough and tough Gary, Indiana and her, the country girl from rural Ozark, Alabama.  We were nothing alike but a perfect match made in heaven.  I grew up in the church but had swayed away from it and had trouble with my convictions and beliefs but did not feel it was a problem.  God continued to favor me through my life and bless me and at some point I started feeling I was doing it all myself.  I was becoming a success because of my own…

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