Willie L. Stewart’s ‘taRNished’ releases to critical acclaim via groundbreaking unconventional promotional tactics | @DaleTarnished

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Willie L. Stewart Releases Debut Novel taRNished to Critical Acclaim Utilizing Groundbreaking Unconventional Promotional Methods

'taRNished' by best selling author Willie L. Stewart, RN ‘taRNished’ by best selling author Willie L. Stewart, RN

Florida Best Selling Author and critical care Registered Nurse Willie L. Stewart has stepped outside the box releasing his new blockbuster novel taRNished with a far sighted and original promotional strategy.

It’s not too often that an incredibly talented novelist is also blessed with modern media savvy.  Stewart brings this to the table with the promotion and marketing surrounding his recently released first novel taRNished.  Not only is long time Registered Nurse Stewart writing about an area he has immense personal knowledge of, the healthcare system, in an exciting, disturbing and compelling way, but he may have completely changed the game of novel promotion and marketing for good.

taRNished tells the chilling tale of a Registered Nurse serial killer able to better ply his trade in…

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