Note to Bad Azz Ent.: When you cannot trust your blood, you bleed – Topeka Music |

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Lil Boosie's brother the good life from his brother's money?Lil Boosie‘s brother TQ…living the good life from his brother’s money?

Trust is a concept that is significant in all aspects of most people’s lives. From time to time we may find that in the music industry, more notably, in the hip-hop community, trust becomes a foreign language. Then there are times when a lack of trust becomes sad and down right criminal.

This is a true story which on many fronts will be an embarrassment to those of us who love, value and support the brand of hip-hop and the artists which provide its lifeline. To periodically be given ten dollars and then, routinely, take the eleventh without permission; that is theft. You are, by behavior and definition, a thief. We are sad to report that our investigation has lead us onto the trail of one of our beloved rap sons being blindly robbed by…

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