E.L.I. (Empowering Live Instruments) ‘Aint Bout That Life’| @Lavadrunk

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Jackson, MS (Jan 2014) – Mississippi born rapper E.L.I. (Empowering Live Instruments), announced today that, his new single “Aint Bout That Life,” will release Feb 4, 2014 exclusively distributed via INgrooves/Fontana “UMGD” Universal Music Group Distribution in association with Wealth Nation Entertainment.  He will also embark on an eight city whirlwind tour which begins on the day of the single release.  E.L.I., is also the cover story for the January issue of The Hype Magazine, available via print on demand and all digital devices globally.

E.L.I. is the product of a time when the whole world was listening to hip hop; before it began to insist upon itself. E.L.I. represents the voice of the have nots; that struggling voice that has everything to say and nothing to hide.

A young producer as well, he strives for that sound that ceases to be just music, but the moment itself…

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