The HYPE Magazine Interview: Shyine bringing entertainment ‘Back To Life’ | @theartistshyine

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A couple months ago I was introduced to this artist wearing face paint in the style of a classic mime…not sure what made me look at the video, perhaps because he had manners and said hello, introduced himself before bombarding me with links…yup, he had manners!!!
As I started the video, I confess I wasn’t looking at the screen or to be truthful, listening with more than half an ear…and then the intro went out and in came this banging joint which made me instinctively glance at the screen to see what?!  An artistically done black and white video with some crazy effects that didn’t take away from the song, just added to the pure entertainment value.  The track was insane after the slow setup of the intro and banged right through the outtro, so I what I’m definitely saying is this was one of the most fun moments I’ve…

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