Mixtape Review: Balenciaga Banks @BalenciagaBanks – Made and Crafted

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Balenciaga Banks is back! Ok he never really left, but he has brought some new music to us with the new project, “Made and Crafted”.

Banks has stayed true to his image in his follow up to his last project, “Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams”.   The mixtape touches on Banks’ youth, growing up poor, rising above his circumstances,haters, women and more.

Balenciaga is your rapper’s rapper. The title track “Made and Crafted” is the gasoline here. “Made and Crafted” is a sincere, heavy string and sample driven introduction that sets the tone. The following bars will paint the picture for you, “How you feel about them people that came fresh up out them slums but be braggin when they make it, now what you think about the people who has been priveliged since their youth they can’t function once they lose it.”

“Drink and Clap” featuring Breezy…

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