DJabK – Music Is My Religion ( Follow @gmaunus On Twitter )

DjabK is an DJ/Electronic producer from Ashtabula, Ohio that creates Dubstep, Trapt, Electronic music, in San Diego, CA. DjabK also known as Geoffrey Maunus; represents the lifestyle called Divine Nation; which, is formally started by Lorenz, the newest hip-hop sensation.


Geoffrey after high school decided to join the United States Marine Corps; although, his intentions were to come home safe; Geoffrey, ended up getting injured while in the Military; while, obtaining life long nerve damage and paralysis to his dominant left hand and arm. After fighting death the Marine Corps training seemed to pass the test. He started going to school at Kent State University for Biology. He got very bored and transferred to The Ohio State University for Bio-Chemistry. Geoffrey ended up not being able to cope well with his new injuries in life; while, living by himself. With no one in his life he could turn to, he finally met his biological father after 23 years Jeff Maunus. Jeff Maunus is not a bad man; just in a weird situation, that many will read and take the wrong way. Jeff Maunus is undoubtedly one of the best fathers there is. Jeff starting mentoring his long lost son; now, with injuries. Geoffrey has worked on music his whole life; but so has Jeff his father. The father and son duo have just begun their wreckage into the music scene; but needless to say…. DREAMS DO HAPPEN, I, GEOFFREY MAUNUS AM ALIVE!! MUCH LOVE

MP3’s: iTunes; Amazon; eMusic; Rhapsody; Google Play; Soon to be on Pandora.




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