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The Hype Magazine celebrates its 11th year with the announcement that it will soon debut on newsstands nationally.

America’s number 1 digital magazine and online entertainment portal, The Hype Magazine,is celebrating their 11th year with the announcement that the outlet is heading to newsstands in November 2013.

The Hype Magazine will hold their official national launch event during the All Star Fashion & Music Industry Weekend,  hosted by John Blassingame, Publisher of Hype Hair, TBW Style Report  & New Day Associates, along with The National R & B Music Society Inc. official music competition on November 30th, at the Liberty International Marriott, Newark, NJ.  The magazine will hold its official 11-year anniversary event in Muncie, IN September 7th, 2013.

The Hype Magazine, which publishes print and online issues, will use the events to begin a new era for the outlet.  For the last…

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