#NewMusic U + Me Pinqy Ring Ft. Derty Harry | @PinqyRing

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Chicago rapper Pinqy Ring is fresh off of her Hype Magazine cover and back with her second installment of #TheComeback music. This time, she teams up with R&B singer Derty Harry and songwriter/B96 morning show producer Gabriel Ramírez to bring you a love song right on Cupid’s target for Valentines Day.


“U + Me” takes us back to concept songwriting, where a metaphor about the chemistry between two people and the actual science becomes fully fleshed out in both hook and verses. Listen closely for the creative and carefully planned Chemistry references that Pinqy Ring spits, and vibe out to the smooth and melodic chorus crooning that brings the song full circle and can get anyone invested – Even the single folk.

“U + Me” will be included in Pinqy Ring’s EP, entitled “Herstory“, which will be dropping on June 18th. Happy Valentines (or…

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