Darius Rucker Digs His Boots Deeper Into Country | @RadioDotCom @dariusrucker

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(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
It’s not the twang that makes it country, it’s the lyrics,” Darius Rucker told Radio.com. “Country music for me is being able to tell a story.”
Rucker knows this firsthand, as he grew up entrenched in country music and is releasing his third country album, True Believers, today (May 21). In our Radio.com Essentials profile, Rucker broke down country music stereotypes and explained the stories behind many of the songs on his new album, while Entertainment Weekly‘s Grady Smith provided some back story on the former Hootie & the Blowfish singer.
It’s a common answer to the question, “What type of music do you like?”: “I like everything but country.” But Rucker, who himself encountered great success in the mainstream with rock before segueing to country, pleas with music fans who respond this way.
To have that stereotype of…

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