India’s Answer to Gangnam Style? @iamgujubhai @DesiHipHop

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Gangnam Style, by South Korean pop musician PSY, has been a rage all over the world amassing almost 1.5 billion views on youtube in under one year.  So is India going just sit back and watch? NoDesi HipHop artist iQ answers back with “International Gujarati,” which has managed to garner a modest 100k youtube views in two weeks!  My friend Hardik from sent me this press release and video link…after watching it, I am positive that Desi (Indian) Hip Hop is going to break at some point here in the West.  We are going to bring you more of the international music stars in the near future…Enjoy!

International Gujarati”, India’s answer to Gangnam Style, comes from a Desi HipHop artist or shall we say Gujarati HipHop artist who goes by the name of iQ.  His fans affectionately refer to him as Gujjubhai

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