#Review R.O.M.E. BY PHILLY’S ICH (INNER CITY HUSTLERS) @jimmydasaint1

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ALBUM REVIEW: R.O.M.E. BY PHILLY'S ICH (INNER CITY HUSTLERS) @jimmydasaint1 @thehypemagazine | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News

ICH Gang under the leadership of Jimmy DaSaint, continues to expand on the legacy of the “Sound of Philly” which brought many many legendary artists who we won’t list for fear of annoying someone because we left out a particular name.  EVERYBODY in the world music and entertainment knows about Philly and its iconic musical greats as well as the contributions of that city to music history globally.  This group, ICH, is going to be another one of those rapidly associated with the musical legacy of Philadelphia…period!

ICH’s newest project dropping April 13th is entitled “R.O.M.E.” (Ride On My Enemies) and is a 15-track train ride of various stylings brought to life by this 8 member crew.  All songs were written and produced by ICH…yup they do it ALL!!!  We get to meet, via music, the personalities that make up this diverse group and they leave it all on the field…

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