Cable News Rap Battle: CNN’s Jake Tapper vs. Fox’s Dana Perino | Mediaite

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CNN Rap Battle

On a day when a White House reporter recited Jay-Z rap lyrics to Press SecretaryJay Carney as part of a serious question about the hip hop star’s communication with President Obama, two prominent cable news hosts found themselves unexpectedly rapping on TV. Now it’s up to you to decide who’s the better rapper: CNN’s Jake Tapper or Fox NewsDana Perino.

Jake Tapper

After POLITICO’s Donovan Slack read the lyrics to Carney and asked if Jay-Z and Obama actually discussed the rapper’s trip to Cuba as he implies in the new song “Open Letter,” Carney snarkily replied, “I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury.” That was Carney’s way of reminding the reporter that the Treasury Department handles those visas, not the White House.

CNN’s Tapper took on Carney’s challenge directly during The Lead this afternoon, offering up his own rhyme and urging viewers to tweet their…

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