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Who Is - Blanco Cain via The Hype Magazine

ChicagoHip Hop powerhouse Blanco Cain gives The Hype Magazine an inside look at who he is, what makes him tick and his moves for the future! His interview proves him to be NOT your standard issue rapper.

Who is Blanco Caine and where are you from?

Blanco Caine is an entrepreneur. I’m completely self employed and investing in myself. I’m a father of two, a Gemini (yeah, it’s two of me…lol), and an all-around hustler. Oh yeah, I’m a dope ass rapper too! LOL

I’m born, raised, & reside in Chicago…ChiRaq is what most call it. Home of the 6 rings.

Describe your style?

A laid back flow and very visual. Every verse I rap, you can close your eyes and picture what I’m talking about. I tell it how I see it and don’t care about who gets offended.

Do you believe that your music will withstand the test…

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