The Importance of Content Marketing When Building SEO Strategies [Infographic]

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Earlier this month, Mai wrote an article about why you should put content marketing at the heart of your brand strategy, in which she gives a summary of the importance of content marketing for your brand.


However, she also mentions that even though 90% of marketers think content marketing will become more important over the next year, more than 60% still haven’t invented a content marketing strategy at place.


Some interesting key facts from the infographic are:


The most popular types of content that marketers spend time on producing are blog posts, social media updates (Facebook posts, tweets, etc.) and articles/guides, whereas audio content and podcasts are the least popular;

Search engine providers are increasingly recognizing quality creation and social sharing as significant ranking factors;

27 million pieces of content are shared via the web each and every day in 2012;


More than 50 % of consumers say that blogs have influenced their purchase decisions;


94 % of marketers believe that the users analysis of the site’s perceived value will increase in importance as a ranking factor.


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