Bridging the culture gap with music…Singapore’s DJ JT is on fire with this Ne-Yo progressive house remix of “Let’s Go” released on Columbia Records.

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Universal Records artist and Singapore’s #1 remixmaster, DJ JT keeps bringing new dimensions to House Music and this time he  brought along the club favorite “Let’s Go” by  Ne-Yo.  The progressive house remix dropped on the Columbia Records label in September and to date the promo snippet for the song has over 500,000 plays on SoundCloud.

Born in Singapore with a passion for all genres of music, The Remix Master especially gravitates toward electronic music. “My appetite for music is endless. I love it all – trance, electro, dubstep, techno. Anything with a nasty bass line, and I’m there” says JT. His musical journey led him to composing his own beats, dance and trance tracks.

In 2012 DJ JT launched a website to help bring electronic music from the underground scene to more mainstream audiences. This along with the announcement that the National Academy of Recording Arts…

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